Behind The Gavel: Navigating Juvenile Law Maze in San Antonio, Texas

Nov 22, 2023

In this video, join us on the Esquire Elite Podcast as we sit down with Christopher D. Cavazos, a distinguished criminal defense attorney with a remarkable 15-year career dedicated to navigating the intricate maze of criminal law in San Antonio and neighboring counties and a co-founder of BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys. A proud University of Texas at Austin alumnus with a B.A. in Government, Mr. Cavazos further honed his legal prowess at St. Mary’s School of Law, earning his Juris Doctorate.

With a background that spans roles as a defense attorney and prosecutor, including impactful tenures in Atascosa, Wilson, and Frio Counties, Christopher Cavazos is a seasoned legal professional. Specializing in criminal law, from handling driving while intoxicated cases to navigating the complexities of juvenile law, he has earned recognition as one of San Antonio’s Top Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Beyond his courtroom successes, Chris actively contributes to his community. He passionately mentors law students and guides local high school mock trial teams, showcasing a deep commitment to legal education and community engagement. As a co-founder of Barrera, Cavazos & Powers, alongside partners Stephen C. Barrera and Brian T. Powers, Mr. Cavazos brings over 40 collective years of diverse legal expertise to the table, providing dedicated defense to individuals facing criminal accusations. Christopher Cavazos is a legal luminary, combining years of experience, numerous accolades, and a commitment to community service in a distinguished legal career.

Don’t miss this insightful interview on “Behind The Gavel: Navigating the Juvenile Law Maze in San Antonio, Texas” as we delve into Christopher Cavazos’s expertise, achievements, and the intricacies of the legal landscape.

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Christopher Cavazos

Christopher Cavazos

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

Christopher D. Cavazos, with 15+ years of legal experience, is a distinguished criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio. A graduate of the University of Texas and St. Mary’s School of Law, he served as a Prosecutor in Atascosa County and was appointed as a Special Prosecutor in Wilson and Frio County. Specializing in criminal cases, he earned recognition as one of the Top Criminal Defense Lawyers in San Antonio. Beyond his legal prowess, Cavazos contributes to local communities by mentoring law students and coaching high school mock trial teams. He co-founded BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys uniting 40+ years of legal expertise.

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