Kentucky Big Truck Lawyer Explains Calculating Pain and Suffering In An Accident

Oct 27, 2023

After a big truck accident, calculating damages for property loss, medical bills, and lost wages is relatively straightforward. However, determining compensation for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, can be more challenging. In this discussion, Kentucky Big Truck Lawyer Rob Morrin sheds light on how these intangible damages are evaluated.

The Role of the Jury

One crucial aspect that Rob Morrin emphasizes is that it’s the jury’s role to calculate non-economic damages. He sees himself as someone who prepares a report for the jury to determine whether and how much compensation an individual should receive.

Defining the Value of Pain and Suffering

When it comes to pain and suffering, the value is subjective and deeply personal. What’s it worth to hold your child, enjoy a pain-free hike, do what you love, or regain your independence? The worth varies from person to person, making it challenging to put a specific dollar figure on these experiences.

Empowering the Jury

Rob Morrin doesn’t attempt to influence the jury by suggesting a specific dollar amount. Instead, he thinks about what the highest reasonable number for compensation might be for a particular injury. This empowers the jury to make informed decisions and assign value to the intangible losses experienced by the accident victim.

Calculating pain and suffering in a big truck accident isn’t a scientific process but rather a subjective one. It highlights the importance of having a jury that can make an informed decision and assign a fair value to the non-economic damages endured by the victim. It’s a reminder that each case is unique, and the compensation for pain and suffering should reflect the individual’s experiences and hardships.

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Disclaimer: The information in this article is not intended to be legal advice. Each situation is different, and the insurance laws in your state may differ from those discussed in this article. Please seek the advice of a professional for any questions related to your specific situation.

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Robert Morrin

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